Arizona hot air balloon ride


Arizona is an amazing state with so much history and beauty behind it. The beautiful red rock faces within the desert landscape which it is greatly popular for. If traveling to this beautiful place during the summer, know that it experiences extremely hot summers and mild winters. Arizona also shares a pine tree seasoned mountainous landscape with Colorado called the Arizona Mountains Forest. Click on thislarge image for more information.

Beautiful view of an eery site in New Mexico


New Mexico is an amazing place to visit in the southwestern United States. New Mexico is one of the Four Corners along with Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. The landscape ranges from reddish deserts to picturesque mesas to high, snow covered mountains. There are tons of sights to see in New Mexico from the Carisbad Caves to the Aztec Ruins National Monument. Click on the image for more New Mexico information.

Beautiful red rock face in Nevada


Nevada is more than just Las Vegas! There is so much to see in the natural landscapes that surround you when you are there. The state name derives from the Sierra Nevada which is a mountain range in the state. It literally means "snow-capped mountains" and that's just a taste of what Nevada has for its guests. There are plenty of state parks and recreational areas to visit in Nevada as well. Click this image for more information.

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Whether you are going for business or pleasure, Arizona is just an awesome place to be! There is plenty to do and not all of it is indoors, thank goodness! There is a plethora of entertaining attractions like the Arizona State Museum or the International Wildlife Museum to check out, but there is also a ton of outdoor beauty there like the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest National Park, Montezuma Castle, Lake Havasu which is a pretty happening party spot, and so much more.

Beautiful pueblo styled buildings in New Mexico

New Mexico

New Mexico is an amazing state to visit when in the southwestern United States. Some of the greatest sights can be seen from the various landscapes in the state from the rose colored deserts to the peaks of the mountain ranges. There is plenty of rich culture and history on the New Mexico lands which dates back to the Native Americans. There is plenty to see from the Capulin Volcano to the Petroglyph National Monument, to even Roswell! Search New Mexico for the hottest hotels and rental car rates too!

Beautiful red rock faces in Nevada


Nevada is widely known for the City of Sin, Las Vegas. Here people come out, stay up for days on end, gamble, drink, and party down HARD! Would you believe that there is more to Las Vegas than all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas? There are tons of national parks and attractions such as the Great Basin National Park, Lake Tahoe, and even the Hoover Dam. There are also cool places to go like Wild Island Family Adventure Park and the Southern Nevada Zoo and Botanical Park.